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    Back in the day, my mom gave me a Nintendo Gameboy Color for Christmas. During that time, the Nintendo Gameboy Color was one of the best portable gaming console available. I mean, I usually play Sega games just because it has far superior graphics, but it is a console that you cannot bring with you (which is kind of a bummer).

    My mom also included 2 games for me to play, one being a Pokemon game, and one being the Mega Man Xtreme.

    I am always fond of Mega Man games because of its side-scrolling platform gameplay as well as the mechanics.

    So in this article, we are going to talk about the Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color.

    The story of the Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color revolves around Mega Man and his buddy, Zero. In the 22nd century, humans and androids called “Reploids” were peacefully coexisting
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    Unfortunately, there are rogue Reploids that call themselves “Mavericks” that threatens the peace. Both Mega Man and Zero are called “Maverick Hunters”, and along with Dr. Cain, they battle mavericks in order to uphold the peace of the land.

    There are a lot of mavericks in the game but they are controlled by one leader, and that is Sigma. Sigma employs the help of a hacker that was able to successfully get through the “Mother Computer” and he was also successful in destabilizing all of the security protocols, allowing Mavericks to roam freely in the city.

    Because of the events that have transpired, the Maverick hunters employed the help of a computer genius named “Middy”. Middy was able to teleport Mega Man to the cyberspace in order to defeat some Mavericks.

    While in Cyber Space, Mega Man successfully defeats the four mavericks that were present and Sigma unveiled himself. He also told Mega Man that he was the mastermind behind all of this.

    It was later revealed that the hacker’s name was Techno and that he was Middy’s Brother. After Techno came to his senses, his CPU got hacked by Sigma and he ultimately dies.

    Mega Man was bent on stopping Sigma because of this and he eventually does. After the game, Middy chooses to stay behind with his brother and both of them died in the abyss.

    The Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color follows the same gameplay mechanics to that of its predecessors. Mega Man can jump, slide on walls, and you can choose which stages you want to choose (depending on the difficulty and the weapons that are available in that given stage).

    When you beat a Maverick Boss, you will get the weapon it uses. So for example, if you’re fighting a boss that has fire affinity, you can acquire a weapon with fire properties, and so on.

    The Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color was well received by fans and critics alike. If you’re a fan of the franchise and you want to get into some retro Mega Man gaming, then the Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color is a good place to start.

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