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    The hCG diet, albeit effective for weight loss, is a diet that requires a lot of planning and thinking ahead. If you do not plan before you start the hCG diet, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

    Now, there are some things you must do in order for you to have a successful hCG diet journey. Here are all the things that you need to do in order to be successful with the hCG diet:

    1. Get an Accurate Weighing Scale. The first thing that you need to get is an accurate weighing scale. Why is this an important step, you ask? Getting an accurate weighing scale is important because you need to weigh yourself from time to time. You need to weigh yourself before starting with the actual diet and then you will weigh yourself daily or weekly. Most people who have been successful with the hCG diet weigh themselves once every week, but the frequency of weighing yourself is really up to you.
    2. Get an Accurate Food Scale. Not only are you encouraged to get an accurate weighing scale, but you also need to get an accurate food scale as well. The food scale is especially useful when you enter the phase 2 of the diet, where you only have to eat 500 calories per day. Weighing the proteins and the foods that you eat is very crucial in this phase that is why getting an accurate food scale is also a must.
    3. Get a Meal Plan. If you want to start right and end right with the hCG diet, you need to have a meal planned for you during the entire course of your journey. If you have an hCG diet clinic near your area, consult with their dietitians and work out a meal plan that is best suited for you. This is a better option since most people have different preferences with regards to food. If there are no hCG diet clinics near you, you can search over the internet as there are a variety of resources that can help you plan your meals for the course of your hCG diet journey.
    4. Ketone Sticks/Strips. Ketosis is the body’s ability to burn fat and uses it as energy. Ketone sticks or strips are highly ubiquitous and can be found in most drug stores and supermarkets. The way you use sticks and strips is that you urinate on them and it will indicate whether your body is in a state of ketosis or not. This is pretty handy as you will need to know if the hCG hormone is doing its job or not (do remember that the hCG hormone starts the process of Ketosis in the body).
    5. Grill and other Cooking Utensils. Most of the foods that are approved in the hCG diet are either broiled, steamed or grilled. Getting a grill and other necessary cooking materials are important so that you can cook properly the way it should be cooked under the hCG diet guidelines.

    These five things are very important if you wish to start with the hCG diet. By following these tips, you will be on the right track to a new and healthier you!

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    The hCG diet is arguably one of the most effective and most popular diets today. People who have tried this diet have lost significant amounts of weight, and they are recommending this diet for people who truly want to have the best physiques of their lives.

    We are going to look at the hCG Amino Plus Diet Drops. As from what you can deduce, this is a homeopathic hCG drops, solution that not only aids people in losing weight, but it also has amino acids to help with your muscle growth.

    hcgA lot of people veer away from trying the hCG diet because they fear that they will lose muscle mass. But, with the help of this hCG Amino Plus diet drops, that will not happen!

    The hCG Amino plus contains 7 different amino acids that not only helps you preserve muscle, you will also increase your metabolism manifold!

    Metabolism is what helps you lose weight even if you’re not exercising. And, with the addition of these 7 potent amino acids, you will also maintain your muscle mass. Muscle, as you may know, can burn more calories than just fat.

    If you want to know more about the hCG amino plus, here is the product description:

    Doing the diet of HCG was quite easier than anticipated for anyone. It will boost your process of metabolism for burning more amount of fat. It even supports the processes undergoing in the liver, heart as well as the kidneys. It expels the surplus amount of ammonia, levels of nitrogen and rest hazardous substances and harmful chemicals from your body.

    It assists the way you observe and feel. It even boosts your levels of energy and clarity when thinking and stamina is concerned. It even stabilizes your processes of metabolism, which aids you in not gaining more and more weight again after losing. It increases the weight loss initiatives and optimizes your experience of diet. The diet is quite simple and comfortable to follow. There is absolutely no requirement of injections or any needles related stuff, thus allowing anyone to utilize it as per their choice.

    A product or supplement can only be truly amazing if it has some real world reviews. Let’s see if the customers who’ve tried this product are pleased:

    Talia: “very fine quality and very happy. lost the fat. melted it off. work out, follow the diet and use this hcg, it really helps. I’m feeling way better personally and socially. Thanks for a great product that really works. Going to try their time machine cosmetics. this company is really all about quality from packaging to whats inside and results. The whole deal.”

    Macky: “Helped me burn the fat and i am feeling really much better now. like the others say the 500 calories are tough but when you understand the other calories burning are the stored fat, you are not starving your body. your energy is supplied from the built up excess weight. it works and i look and feel 100 times better. bought some mew clothes too. Big Smile!”

    The hCG Amino Plus Diet Drops sells for $99.99 for their 21-day program. It is quite pricey, but it has been deemed effective.