• mobile repeater 18.05.2015 Comments Off on Simple signal boosting

    Thanks to recent improvements in technology, boosting your mobile signal strength has become easier and cheaper.

    Boosters start from as low as 70 GBP, and come with all the included accessories you need to begin boosting your signal, this includes, antennas, cables and the booster itself of course.

    So why would you need a mobile signal booster?

    Rural areas are renowned for suffering from weak mobile signal, this is generally down to signal blackspots where cell phone towers do not overlap and signal is not available. One simply solution for this is to purchase a signal booster which allows you to place an antenna outside your home or office to receive the signal, and an antenna on the inside of your home or office to repeat this signal throughout Recommended website for mobile signal boosters in the uk.

    You can expect that your signal booster will come with instructions and an easy to follow setup guide, which should help you on your way with your booster.