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    By now, you’re probably aware of how an IP camera works. You set it up just like you would with CCTV analog cameras but with the added instruction of connecting the IP camera to an NVR and to the internet via an Ethernet cable.

    Now, for best results, you would need to acquire a static IP address so that you can access the IP camera by using an internet browser of choice.

    The problem is, a domain static IP address can be costly and you will have to incur monthly fees for that.

    Wouldn’t it be great if there is an IP camera with an included static IP address that you can use for it?

    There actually are IP cameras that have that as a free add-on and I am going to talk about one today.

    The Foscam FI9802W IP Camera is a pretty good IP camera in the sense that you get a free static IP address for use with it.

    Right out of the box, the Foscam FI9802W IP Camera works as intended. You just need to install it outside in order for you to maximize the equipment.

    Before anything else, I want to talk about the actual IP camera. The Foscam FI9802W IP Camera is a bullet-type IP camera that has a maximum supported resolution of 720P (1280×720). This IP camera comes in either black or white and you choose one based on your preference.

    Aside from the 720p maximum resolution, the Foscam FI9802W IP Camera also has a single SOC chip with a built-in ARM+DSP processor. For those of you who do not know, the included SOC chip is quite fast and that the processor works twice as much to deliver a high-speed IP camera.

    Since this IP camera only has a maximum resolution of 720p, it won’t take much of your storage space. Furthermore, this IP camera comes with a standard H.264 compression algorithm to further cut down on the final video file size.

    Although the Foscam FI9802W IP Camera only has a 1-megapixel camera, it still provides decent quality in most cases.

    It also comes with 36 Infrared LEDs and an IR filter to help the IP camera, especially in low-light situations and in dark areas.

    Since this is a bullet-type IP camera, it can only see from one angle and cannot be controlled to look in another direction.

    Still, the lens of this IP camera has a 54-degree angle view which, in most cases, is pretty adequate.

    It also comes with its companion software in that it allows you to tweak certain settings like how the IP camera will notify you in case of any motion being detected, what resolution do you want the IP camera to use, and so much more.

    The Foscam FI9802W IP Camera also has its very own IP address so that you do not need to subscribe to a static IP address which should be pretty good for a lot of people.

    The Foscam FI9802W IP Camera is an affordable IP camera with free IP address, 1-megapixel camera, 720p resolution support, and great night-vision.

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    Back in the day when NetherRealm Studios released the Mortal Kombat XL, the game developers were “sure” that the Mortal Kombat X’s expansion pack will only be made available on the console versions of the game.

    That is probably due to the fact that the PC port of the game has a lot of in-game issues that hasn’t been ironed out.

    But just recently, NetherRealm studios hinted and ultimately confirmed that the Mortal Kombat XL will be coming to the PC after all.

    To ensure that the game will have a steady PC launch, the gaming company has opened the “Mortal Kombat XL Enhanced Online Beta” program.

    Basically, this is their fancy name for the online open beta program of the game. This is so that any issues that may arise will be fixed prior to the release of the game.

    For those people who are interested in playing the beta version of the game, just fire up your Steam client and search for the Mortal Kombat XL. You will then be redirected to the game’s beta program and you just to have to enroll yourself. After that, you can now download the beta patch of the game.

    Mortal Kombat XL’s game developers are wise to create a beta program for the game. The cancellation of Mortal Kombat XL’s release in the PC was never fully disclosed but a lot of players think that this was entirely because of the myriad of issues that’s plaguing the PC port of the game.

    I also think that the game developers are now focusing on releasing Mortal Kombat XL to the PC because of the push from the community.

    You see, a lot of Mortal Kombat X players really want to play the game on the PC since, well, the PC is way better in terms of hardware specs.

    Unfortunately, not all PC ports of the game are great and as of this time of writing, only the console versions of the game are playable.

    Now, because Mortal Kombat XL will be on the beta program for quite some time, there is still no official release window for the game.

    According to the gaming company, they want to iron out every major issue that comes up so that the Mortal Kombat XL PC port’s release will be seamless.

    Warner Bros, the ones who are responsible for publishing the game, also acknowledges the game developers’ decision about the beta program.

    They know all too well that the original PC port of the game suffered from a lot of issues and it is only fitting that they take their time to really fix and improve the game even further.

    This is great news, especially for the people who have been clamoring for a PC release all this time.

    Mortal Kombat XL will release some amazing characters to the mix such as the Alien from the Alien series, Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, and much more.

    As of this time of writing, there is still no release date for the PC port of the game but if you want to try it out, fire up your Steam client and search for Mortal Kombat XL and download the Beta patch.

    Mortal Kombat XL is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One and will soon be available on the PC as well.

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    Back in the day, my mom gave me a Nintendo Gameboy Color for Christmas. During that time, the Nintendo Gameboy Color was one of the best portable gaming console available. I mean, I usually play Sega games just because it has far superior graphics, but it is a console that you cannot bring with you (which is kind of a bummer).

    My mom also included 2 games for me to play, one being a Pokemon game, and one being the Mega Man Xtreme.

    I am always fond of Mega Man games because of its side-scrolling platform gameplay as well as the mechanics.

    So in this article, we are going to talk about the Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color.

    The story of the Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color revolves around Mega Man and his buddy, Zero. In the 22nd century, humans and androids called “Reploids” were peacefully coexisting
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    Unfortunately, there are rogue Reploids that call themselves “Mavericks” that threatens the peace. Both Mega Man and Zero are called “Maverick Hunters”, and along with Dr. Cain, they battle mavericks in order to uphold the peace of the land.

    There are a lot of mavericks in the game but they are controlled by one leader, and that is Sigma. Sigma employs the help of a hacker that was able to successfully get through the “Mother Computer” and he was also successful in destabilizing all of the security protocols, allowing Mavericks to roam freely in the city.

    Because of the events that have transpired, the Maverick hunters employed the help of a computer genius named “Middy”. Middy was able to teleport Mega Man to the cyberspace in order to defeat some Mavericks.

    While in Cyber Space, Mega Man successfully defeats the four mavericks that were present and Sigma unveiled himself. He also told Mega Man that he was the mastermind behind all of this.

    It was later revealed that the hacker’s name was Techno and that he was Middy’s Brother. After Techno came to his senses, his CPU got hacked by Sigma and he ultimately dies.

    Mega Man was bent on stopping Sigma because of this and he eventually does. After the game, Middy chooses to stay behind with his brother and both of them died in the abyss.

    The Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color follows the same gameplay mechanics to that of its predecessors. Mega Man can jump, slide on walls, and you can choose which stages you want to choose (depending on the difficulty and the weapons that are available in that given stage).

    When you beat a Maverick Boss, you will get the weapon it uses. So for example, if you’re fighting a boss that has fire affinity, you can acquire a weapon with fire properties, and so on.

    The Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color was well received by fans and critics alike. If you’re a fan of the franchise and you want to get into some retro Mega Man gaming, then the Mega Man Xtreme Game for the Nintendo Gameboy Color is a good place to start.

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    Lenovo was commonly known for its laptops and personal computers but they have since ventured into the Mobile phone niche.

    The mobile phone company is quite different from other companies in that they want to cater for the mass consumer market. They’ve only released a couple of flagship models and they opted to create a lot of budget-friendly and mid-range phones; mobile phones that can be bought by most people.

    In this article, we are going to take a look at the Lenovo S60. This is a mid-range phone offering from Lenovo. First, let’s talk about the design.

    The Lenovo S60’s design is quite similar to the iPhone 6S. Although it has resemblance to Apple’s flagship phone, it is different when you hold it in your hand. The chassis is made out of polycarbonate plastic which is a lightweight material most commonly used in mid-range phones and even in some flagship models.

    The display of the Lenovo S60 is subpar, at best. It comes with a 5-inch IPS display. Although it is an IPS panel, it only has a maximum resolution of 720×1280 and a pixel density of 294. I wouldn’t say this is a good display considering other mid-range mobile phones. I would say this should fall more on the budget-friendly category.

    As for the performance, the Lenovo S60 comes with the 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.2GHz. Not only that but you also get 2GB of system RAM. 2GB of RAM is probably the minimum RAM requirement nowadays as more and more apps are more RAM-intensive than anything else.

    This mobile phone also comes with the Adreno 306 GPU. During benchmark tests and gaming, it is safe to say that the performs really well. The phone is also coupled with a 2,150 MaH. On paper, yes, it is not that big. But with a low-resolution screen and an optimal quad-core processor, it hardly sips out a lot of battery power.

    The Lenovo S60’s camera is also surprisingly good. It comes with a 13-megapixel rear camera and a 5-megapixel front camera. Lenovo’s camera app is quite responsive and it does have some post-processing tools such as HDR, Panorama, among others.

    I just don’t understand the philosophy behind the operating system used, though. Most other mid-range phones now come with Android Lollipop, but the Lenovo S60 still has the Android Kitkat version 4.4.2. Android Lollipop should have been a great operating system for budget-friendly and mid-range phones and it is sad to see that Lenovo hasn’t taken advantage of it.

    Also, a notable thing to take note is that the Lenovo S60 only comes with 3G connectivity. I understand that Lenovo wants to make mobile phones for the mass consumer market, but I think they just cut way too many corners.

    Still, if you want a solid 3G data service, you may want to get mobile phone signal boosters to do that job.

    The Lenovo S60 is a mid-range phone but it does come with a lot of drawbacks. Still, for the price of only $120, it is an okay phone.

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    Mobile phone signal boosters were out in the market for so many years now. Before it just boosts GSM, EDGE, 2G frequencies, but with emerging technologies each year, the mobile phone signal booster manufacturers need to step up.

    Today, we are going to talk about a new generation mobile phone signal booster in the form of the Surecall Force5. It is a much powerful mobile phone signal booster which warrants its big asking price.

    Here are all the features of the Surecall Force5:

    • Fully compliant with new FCC certification standards
    • First 5-band cellular booster covers all U.S. Cellular and PCS bands including Verizon, AT&T and G-Block
    • Software upgradeable in the field
    • Dual Embedded CPU
    • Independently reconfigurable for each band
    • Independent digitally adjustable uplink and downlink
    • Eight RSSI detectors for all inputs and outputs
    • Automatic shut-down for network protection
    • Highly configurable with options for different antennas according to your needs
    • Three-year warranty

    The Surecall Force5 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is one of the first five-band mobile phone signal boosters on the market that has a commercial-grade signal amplification technology.

    Not only that but this mobile phone signal booster also comes with a dual-CPU configuration for optimum performance. It supports most, if not all, service providers and it conveniently adjusts the signal boosting parameters automatically, so you do not have to.

    It can support voice, 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE signal frequencies which give it a huge advantage over other mobile phone signal boosters.

    If you want to tweak every aspect of the signal booster, like say the configuration of each signal band, then you can do so. But, it is pretty much a set-it-and-forget-it device.

    The Surecall Force5 Mobile Phone Signal Booster comes with two choices of external antennas: omnidirectional and yagi. If you want a signal booster that can grasp signals from multiply directions (and also considering that you are at least 5 KM within the range of the cell tower), then get the omnidirectional antenna.

    If, however, you are far away from your service provider’s cell tower, then get the yagi-directional antenna. This antenna is perfect for people who are looking to have amplified signals in far-flung areas.

    The external antenna is not the only antenna that has two different antenna options. You can also choose between two internal antennas as well. You can either choose the Omni-dome antenna, which works similarly with the external omnidirectional antenna in that it broadcasts signals in all directions at once.

    The only thing you need to be aware of when you are using an omni-dome antenna is that it can diminish its performance if there are obstructions and how the external antenna grasps signals from the outside.

    The Panel antenna is much like the yagi-directional antenna. If you want to boost signals at a particular direction inside your home and office, then you better get this type of internal antenna.

    The Surecall Force5 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a great mobile phone signal booster with an impressive range of up to 25,000 sq. ft! It is perfect for big buildings, home complexes, schools, and so much more!

    With impressive features comes an equally impressive asking price of $3,510. Still, if you can dish out the money, the Surecall Force5 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a very good signal booster to get.

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    The hCG diet, albeit effective for weight loss, is a diet that requires a lot of planning and thinking ahead. If you do not plan before you start the hCG diet, you’ll be setting yourself up for failure.

    Now, there are some things you must do in order for you to have a successful hCG diet journey. Here are all the things that you need to do in order to be successful with the hCG diet:

    1. Get an Accurate Weighing Scale. The first thing that you need to get is an accurate weighing scale. Why is this an important step, you ask? Getting an accurate weighing scale is important because you need to weigh yourself from time to time. You need to weigh yourself before starting with the actual diet and then you will weigh yourself daily or weekly. Most people who have been successful with the hCG diet weigh themselves once every week, but the frequency of weighing yourself is really up to you.
    2. Get an Accurate Food Scale. Not only are you encouraged to get an accurate weighing scale, but you also need to get an accurate food scale as well. The food scale is especially useful when you enter the phase 2 of the diet, where you only have to eat 500 calories per day. Weighing the proteins and the foods that you eat is very crucial in this phase that is why getting an accurate food scale is also a must.
    3. Get a Meal Plan. If you want to start right and end right with the hCG diet, you need to have a meal planned for you during the entire course of your journey. If you have an hCG diet clinic near your area, consult with their dietitians and work out a meal plan that is best suited for you. This is a better option since most people have different preferences with regards to food. If there are no hCG diet clinics near you, you can search over the internet as there are a variety of resources that can help you plan your meals for the course of your hCG diet journey.
    4. Ketone Sticks/Strips. Ketosis is the body’s ability to burn fat and uses it as energy. Ketone sticks or strips are highly ubiquitous and can be found in most drug stores and supermarkets. The way you use sticks and strips is that you urinate on them and it will indicate whether your body is in a state of ketosis or not. This is pretty handy as you will need to know if the hCG hormone is doing its job or not (do remember that the hCG hormone starts the process of Ketosis in the body).
    5. Grill and other Cooking Utensils. Most of the foods that are approved in the hCG diet are either broiled, steamed or grilled. Getting a grill and other necessary cooking materials are important so that you can cook properly the way it should be cooked under the hCG diet guidelines.

    These five things are very important if you wish to start with the hCG diet. By following these tips, you will be on the right track to a new and healthier you!

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    The hCG diet is arguably one of the most effective and most popular diets today. People who have tried this diet have lost significant amounts of weight, and they are recommending this diet for people who truly want to have the best physiques of their lives.

    We are going to look at the hCG Amino Plus Diet Drops. As from what you can deduce, this is a homeopathic hCG drops, solution that not only aids people in losing weight, but it also has amino acids to help with your muscle growth.

    hcgA lot of people veer away from trying the hCG diet because they fear that they will lose muscle mass. But, with the help of this hCG Amino Plus diet drops, that will not happen!

    The hCG Amino plus contains 7 different amino acids that not only helps you preserve muscle, you will also increase your metabolism manifold!

    Metabolism is what helps you lose weight even if you’re not exercising. And, with the addition of these 7 potent amino acids, you will also maintain your muscle mass. Muscle, as you may know, can burn more calories than just fat.

    If you want to know more about the hCG amino plus, here is the product description:

    Doing the diet of HCG was quite easier than anticipated for anyone. It will boost your process of metabolism for burning more amount of fat. It even supports the processes undergoing in the liver, heart as well as the kidneys. It expels the surplus amount of ammonia, levels of nitrogen and rest hazardous substances and harmful chemicals from your body.

    It assists the way you observe and feel. It even boosts your levels of energy and clarity when thinking and stamina is concerned. It even stabilizes your processes of metabolism, which aids you in not gaining more and more weight again after losing. It increases the weight loss initiatives and optimizes your experience of diet. The diet is quite simple and comfortable to follow. There is absolutely no requirement of injections or any needles related stuff, thus allowing anyone to utilize it as per their choice.

    A product or supplement can only be truly amazing if it has some real world reviews. Let’s see if the customers who’ve tried this product are pleased:

    Talia: “very fine quality and very happy. lost the fat. melted it off. work out, follow the diet and use this hcg, it really helps. I’m feeling way better personally and socially. Thanks for a great product that really works. Going to try their time machine cosmetics. this company is really all about quality from packaging to whats inside and results. The whole deal.”

    Macky: “Helped me burn the fat and i am feeling really much better now. like the others say the 500 calories are tough but when you understand the other calories burning are the stored fat, you are not starving your body. your energy is supplied from the built up excess weight. it works and i look and feel 100 times better. bought some mew clothes too. Big Smile!”

    The hCG Amino Plus Diet Drops sells for $99.99 for their 21-day program. It is quite pricey, but it has been deemed effective.

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    Thanks to recent improvements in technology, boosting your mobile signal strength has become easier and cheaper.

    Boosters start from as low as 70 GBP, and come with all the included accessories you need to begin boosting your signal, this includes, antennas, cables and the booster itself of course.

    So why would you need a mobile signal booster?

    Rural areas are renowned for suffering from weak mobile signal, this is generally down to signal blackspots where cell phone towers do not overlap and signal is not available. One simply solution for this is to purchase a signal booster which allows you to place an antenna outside your home or office to receive the signal, and an antenna on the inside of your home or office to repeat this signal throughout Recommended website for mobile signal boosters in the uk.

    You can expect that your signal booster will come with instructions and an easy to follow setup guide, which should help you on your way with your booster.

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    Many cell phone users have encountered some type of cell phone network issues throughout their entire cell phone usage. Absence of signal, lost calls and weak call quality are typically brought on by poor signal power and network traffic jams.

    If you encounter any one of these signs in your house/workplace, factory, facility or motor vehicle, a cell phone repeater product can increase the poor signal and supply complete (4 or 5) bars of reception leading to a powerful, clear cellular signal.

    The same is applicable if you encounter poor or gradual text messaging, 3G internet connection, WAP or some other mobile function – a cellphone repeater kit can assist you. For internet data services, a cell phone repeater won’t only improve the coverage area, however it can enhance data transfer speeds; releasing the full possibilities of your cell phone or 3G data card.

    Take note that a cellphone repeater are unable to create a signal in a place in which there are totally NO reception. Nevertheless a cell phone repeater CAN increase a WEAK signal therefore creating a STRONG signal as a result.

    A great way to make sure if a repeater is useful for you is to find out if you are able to find an place anywhere within your home or outdoors in the near area where your mobile phone covers some level of signal, even though is poor.

    Here, a cellphone repeater product will increase a weak signal and deliver a powerful one as a result. In case you have any inquiries or would prefer to talk about a solution, please be happy to call us or check out our assistance center.

    Am I able to use a Mobile Repeater in my home?

    Yes, Cell phone repeaters are especially developed for easy set up and may be utilized in both homes and companies. Many individuals prefer to use their cell phones to substitute a highly-priced landline phone, and a lot more require a more powerful signal for their home business office.

    Can I make use of a cell phone repeater in my company?

    Certainly, most companies spend significant amounts of money in cellular service plans for the advantage of managers, personnel and clients. In a company situation, above anyplace, a mobile repeater is a basic need, not a preference.

    What would be the advantages of making use of a cell phone repeater?

    The most obvious advantage is increased mobile signal power. Signal power is better in the place where the cell phone repeater is installed.

    For instance, once a cell phone repeater is mounted, a spot with an untrustworthy signal of only 1 or 2 bars could be transformed into one with a complete 4 bars of reception. Sometimes, individuals who have no signal are capable of creating a mobile ‘hotspot’.

    This boost in mobile reception will lead to better phone call quality and a lower number of dropped calls.

    Cell phone repeaters also enhance the signal for internet data services like EVDO, HSDPA etc., which can improve the speed at which they perform.

    What frequency do I cell phone repeater need?

    Most cell phone providers broadcast their networks on both the 900 or 1800 MHz frequency bands. Very fast data networks and 3G service is transmitted on the 2100MHz band.

    Your cell phone repeater ought to coordinate with the exact frequency as your cell phone provider in an effort to guarantee compatibility. To decide which kind of mobile repeater you require, you may check out our assistance center or product expert, which will suggest the best product to meet your needs.

    Can I set up a cell phone repeater on my own?

    Certainly, there aren’t any technical skills needed to set up your cell phone repeater kit. Each package features everything necessary to enhance the mobile coverage within your home/workplace and features information which will help you through the easy steps essential to set up your cell phone repeater.



  • mobile repeater 10.07.2014 Comments Off on How will my mobile repeater be sent?

    All purchases are delivered through DHL express and they are usually shipped within 1-4 business days. Your purchase will be sent from our stockroom and you will likely be submitted tracking details for the purchase after it is sent.

    Are all cell phone repeaters identical?

    MobileRepeater.co.uk provides the biggest range of mobile coverage products available. With our massive collection of products we promise we’ll have the perfect one for you! Cell phone repeater products differ according to the frequency and power result.

    Various network suppliers use unique frequencies to broadcast their signals. We offer single band cellphone repeaters which are best for particular networks, dual band cell phone repeaters which is best for several networks and tri-band mobile repeaters which work for several networks and 3G. Our products also differ according to power output for example successful coverage area.

    Our solutions can offer coverage for small workplaces and homes as little as 250 sq. m and even cover places as much as 5000 sq. m or above like medical centers, lodges and industrial office buildings. Our products are classified in to Home/Workplace products or Building Mobile Repeaters.

    In case you have any particular needs and want to talk with somebody from our Design team please call us.

    What makes Mobile repeater unique from the competition?

    You may begin by examining the customer feedback on our website. We are Top rated for customer support and take great pride in ourselves on our product information and expertise. We are also delighted to present a Price Match Warranty.

    We comprehend that there is competitors in our market place but we really believe that our solutions are top quality to our competition.

    Please be aware that we’re the first organization in the UK to offer Mobile signal booster solutions and we have seen other organizations that have appear and vanish after that. A lot of our competition online have actually stolen our product logos, part numbers, FAQ and customer feedback etc. and promote FALSE information.

    Try not to be misled by them we are the producer and hire a team of employees which includes technical assistance and telecoms technicians that are readily available to respond to your questions. Yet one more item that distinguishes us from our competition is the High-quality of our solutions.

    Because we really construct our solutions and don’t just purchase them from a particular organization in China providing the most affordable prices we guarantee the finest quality products for our clients. Our solutions are of such excellent quality that we work side by side with the network providers who send their clients to us to resolve their coverage requirements.

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